Project Support


The project has been assisted generously by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership fund.

Furthermore, we would like to thank 50/50 for providing microloans to several of our farmers, and Care International, Zanzibar office, for funding the training of our 10 newest farmers.


Thanks to all ZBC visitors, whose admision fees and donations are used to pay staff wages and to provide the farmers with an alternative, fair, income.

ZBC would like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have greatly helped the project:

Also, thanks to everyone who has supported our fundraising events to raise money for Pete Village – including the Butterfly Hop! and the wonderful Eyefest festival.

About Us

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is a popular Zanzibar tourist attraction featuring a live display of Tanzanian butterflies. Revenue generated by tourist admissions provides funds for local projects in the form of alternative livelihoods, conservation and poverty alleviation. ZBC works closely in association with Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Jozani Environmental Conservation Association (JECA) and Pete Development Association (PDA).
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