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Zanzibar Butterfly Centre
A live display of local butterflies supporting local community projects.

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre

The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is an interactive butterfly exhibit near to Jozani-Chawka Bay National Park on Unguja island, though outside the park boundaries. The exhibit consists of a netted tropical garden with usually hundreds of butterflies, all of which are native species to Zanzibar. The enclosure is one of Africa's largest butterfly exhibits and provides residents and tourists of Zanzibar with an interactive and visual environment to learn about butterflies.

At ZBC it is possible to experience butterflies feeding and flying very close at hand and to witness the complete life cycle of many species. The butterflies (in pupae form) are farmed sustainably by people from the villages around Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park.

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will greet you on your arrival and during the tour will explain the background to the project and about butterfly lifecycle and ecology. Tours usually last between 30-40mins but can be adapted to suit the visitor.


The butterfly centre offers a range of services such as:
  • Conservation
  • Educational Visits
  • Butterfly Farming
  • Pupae Sales

Admission Fees

International Visitors:

Adults - 10,000 TSH (or $6)
Children above 5 years - 5,000 TSH (or $3)

Tanzanian Residents:

Adults - 6,000 TSH
Children - 3,000 TSH
Students - 3,000 TSH

Tanzania/Zanzibar Nationals:

Adults - 2,000 TSH
Children - 500 TSH
Students - 500 TSH

About Us

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is a popular Zanzibar tourist attraction featuring a live display of Tanzanian butterflies. Revenue generated by tourist admissions provides funds for local projects in the form of alternative livelihoods, conservation and poverty alleviation. ZBC works closely in association with Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Jozani Environmental Conservation Association (JECA) and Pete Development Association (PDA).
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